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People with potential symptoms are being asked to complete the Coronavirus Status Checker and answer a short series of questions which will tell the NHS about their experience and help them build up additional data on the outbreak.



For more detailed advice on a range of issues, please use the menu on the left hand side of this page, with some key news and announcements also highlighted in bulletins below:



Cautiously moving forward

This article was written by Damian and published in the Herald group of papers on 28th May:

Covid-19 Bulletin #26

Covid-19 Bulletin



The Government is to offer antibody tests to health and social care staff and patients in England from next week 

Covid-19 Bulletin #25

Covid Bulletin



The Government is encouraging all eligible children to attend educational settings even if parents are able to keep their children at home

There is updated guidance on applying for support through the Self Employment Income Support Scheme

Covid-19 Bulletin #24

Covid-19 Bulletin



The Prime Minister introduces the Government's Covid Recovery Strategy and a framework for how changes to the lockdown measures may happen over the next 3 to 4 months. A more detailed FAQs on what you can and can't do is also available

Covid-19 Bulletin #23

Covid-19 Bulletin



The Government has announced that a revaluation of business rates will no longer take place in 2021 to help reduce uncertainty for firms