New Directions for the over 50's

Damian hosted the first New Directions event at Alton College on Tuesday 11th April 2017, which brought together local employment, training and volunteering opportunities for the over 50's.

Be a tourist in East Hampshire

East Hampshire is a wonderful place to live and visit, with picturesque villages and bustling towns, easy access to vibrant coastal cities and sea-going pursuits, and mile after mile of beautiful countryside.

Dementia Friendly communities

I am delighted to be working with the founding members of Dementia Friendly Petersfield to support the launch of a new initiative to increase the awareness and understanding of dementia across the town, so those affected feel more supported by the businesses and services they rely on.

Protecting Our Pubs

 I am passionate about pubs, not least because I used to work in the business. I know that pubs are at the heart of the community, or, as we used to say, "the pub is the hub".

On the Big Issues

The long-term economic plan A strong economy underpins everything. Without a strong economy we can’t have a strong NHS, or strong defence or ensure the best opportunities for the next generation.

Opportunity for all

When Michael Gove became Education Secretary in 2010, he was clear that all the Coalition’s education reforms would be judged against two things. The first was raising Britain’s attainment, which had fallen far behind other leading countries.  The second was narrowing the gap between rich and poor. This gap was not a new thing, but little progress had been made under the previous government. 

Beating the debt trap

In the surgeries which I have held around East Hampshire, I have heard first-hand the true human cost of problem debt: the stress, relationship breakdowns and the mental health problems that can result.

Tackling fly-grazing of horses

I am very pleased that the Control of Horses Bill successfully passed through Report Stage in the Commons on Friday 16th January. This Bill addresses the problem of horses being fly-grazed, which I called a debate on in Parliament in November 2013. Fly-grazing puts horse welfare in danger and can pose a risk to the wellbeing of landowners, farmers and the general public.