Better Broadband for all

The government’s ambition is to deliver nationwide gigabit-capable broadband as soon as possible. 70% of premises can now access the fastest broadband speeds available, and the UK is on track for 85% gigabit coverage by 2025, and then push further towards 100% coverage.

The market continues to make good progress but public funding is required to support the rollout to parts of the country that are not commercially viable. This is why the Budget in 2020 committed £5bn, ensuring that all areas of the UK can benefit equally. The £5bn will be spent through a package of co-ordinated and mutually supportive interventions, collectively known as Project Gigabit.

An Open Market Review was conducted last year by Building Digital UK to determine which premises in Hampshire are likely to be reached by the market. After a competitive tender, it was announced that Cityfibre has been awarded the contract to supply 75,000 hard to reach homes across Hampshire with ultra fast broadband.  The first live connections are expected next summer. 



Types and costs of Broadband packages

Information on the different types of broadband is available at:…

Ofcom, the communications regulator, has accredited various price comparison organisations so individuals can check which companies can provide internet services (for specific postcodes) and the relative costs of the various packages on offer.

More details are available at


Broadband speeds and mobile phone coverage

Local data and maps on broadband connectivity and speeds (based on Ofcom data) are available, with the latest information for East Hampshire at:…

Residents can check mobile phone coverage and broadband speeds for their postcode using Ofcom’s online mobile and broadband checker service






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The rollout of gigabit broadband

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