Westminster News

QA Hospital gets upgrade in cancer testing facilities

Damian Hinds is delighted that Portsmouth’s Queen Alexandra Hospital is one of the NHS sites to benefit from a multi-million pound funding programme to up-grade cancer testing and detection services.

Damian welcomes the Environment Bill

Damian spoke yesterday in Parliament in the debate on the Environment Bill. He welcomed action on air quality, biodiversity, tree cover and waste & recycling, and was also able to highlight some of the great local action - like the East Hants schools bringing in crisp packet recycling.

Wages rising ahead of prices

New figures out today show that wages have risen again, ahead of prices for 19 consecutive months, with average weekly earnings for employees increased by 3.8 per cent compared with a year earlier – growing by 2.0 per cent after adjusting for inflation. 

Damian welcomes school funding increases

Next year, the government will allocate at least £5,000 for each secondary school pupil and at least £3,750 per primary pupil (and £4,000 from 2021-22).  This brings the minimum funding allocated for a primary school class of 28 (the average primary class size in Hampshire) next year to £105,000

Policy package good for East Hampshire

At the conclusion of the party conference season, Damian has said that the package of measures is a good one for the local area.  Among the specifics he highlighted:

NFU event in Parliament

This morning Damian attended the NFU Back British Farming Day in Parliament.

Damian said: