SWR announces strike compensation

Following the unprecedented strike action in December by members of the RMT union, Damian is pleased that the Government has worked with South Western Railway (SWR) to secure compensation arrangements that will see the cost of up to five days rail travel paid to season ticket holders and daily ticket holders who were worst affected during the strike.

Damian said:

“The impact of the strike action on rail users was appalling, both here in East Hampshire and elsewhere, with thousands of people unable to use the network without experiencing severe delays or cancellations. The effect this had on people’s lives and livelihoods is completely unacceptable and I once again call for both sides to settle the issue around the negotiating table without inflicting any further hardship on the customers they serve.”

The compensation scheme will run in two phases, with SWR first contacting season ticket holders directly to arrange compensation, and then customers for whom SWR doesn’t hold details - including weekly season ticket holders - needing to apply for compensation.

This compensation is above the standard Delay Repay scheme which entitles holders of any ticket type – including passengers who travel less frequently – to claim compensation for delays of 15 minutes or more, whatever the cause of the delay.

Damian is an officer of the All Party Parliamentary Group for the South Western Railway (SWR), which met last week to discuss specific issues of performance, franchising and strikes with SWR Managing Director Mark Hopwood and directors of Network Rail. The group will continue to press for further action by rail operators to deliver the service customers deserve, and to ensure the Government delivers on the commitment to introduce legislation to protect commuters from unreasonable strike action in the future.

SWR will notify customers when each phase opens and further details can be found at: www.southwesternrailway.com/december-2019-strike-compensation