The outcome of the EU Referendum

Damian releases a statement on the outcome of the EU Refererendum.


"Obviously I am very disappointed by the outcome of the EU Referendum and the subsequent announcement by the Prime Minister of his intention to stand down in the Autumn. 

"David Cameron has been an outstanding Prime Minister for the last six years, and leader of the Conservative party for ten.  History will reflect on the achievements of his time in office, not least the formation of the Coalition, bringing our economy back from the brink, and the majority at the 2015 general election, against the odds and the pundits’ predictions.

"East Hampshire saw strong campaigning by volunteers from across the political spectrum and some really good debates. It was great to see such a large turnout in the poll locally. 

"In East Hampshire the result was narrowly in favour of Remain but this and other Remain results were not enough to outweigh what was happening elsewhere, not only in shire counties but in traditional Labour heartlands in the Midlands and the North. 

"This was as full a participative democratic process as you could get. Economists, businesses and others had set out their analysis. The debate engaged all sections of society. The turnout was high. The people have spoken and it is now up to everyone in politics and public life to move forward with positivity and purpose.

"Our country is in a new era and on a new path. We must focus all energies on getting the best possible outcome for Britain."