Protecting the countryside

Damian continues to raise issues that impact local communities across East Hampshire, including concerns about flight traffic and noise at Farnborough Airport as well as concerns regarding motorbike noise along some key routes within the constituency.

Airspace Changes at Farnborough Airport 

damian hinds Pic: Damian with representative from Lasham Gliding Society

TAG Farnborough Airport began work on an Airspace Change Proposal (ACP) as far back as 2014, with a view to introducing a new airspace design near the airport. After several consultations, the ACP was eventually approved by the CAA in July 2018,

Lasham Gliding Society applied for a Judicial Review of the CAA decision in October 2018, which was ruled on by the High Court in August 2019. Their decision was not to uphold the JR, with the implementation of the ACP going ahead in February 2020.

Throughout the consultation period, Damian continued to engage with local stakeholders, the CAA and TAG, representing the concerns of local residents and communities.

Part of the engagement with the CAA and TAG was to seek greater clarity on the proposed change in flightpaths and the potential impact this may have on communities in terms of being overflown, and at what height.

The attached matrix was put together by TAG and gives more information for the towns and villages most affected within East Hampshire. The chart includes details of the current arrival and departure flightpaths, and heights they're flown at, compared to the new flightpaths and heights proposed in the ACP.

A Post Implementation Review of the ACP was due to take place in late 2020, but had been postponed due to the impact of the pandemic. The 12 month period of data gathering for the Review has now begun and will be completed by the end of March 2023.

Details from the PIR will be published by the CAA, followed by a 28 day period for comments to be made by stakeholders and members of the public. More details are available here…

Farnborough Airport has proposed a second ACP to address constraints with the current performance of inbound and outbound traffic flows to/from the airport. More information is available at:

The Farnborough Aerodrome Consultative Committee (FACC) is the forum in which the management of Farnborough Aerodrome interacts with local public agencies, residential communities and with Airport users on a range of environmental and other airport issues. More information is available at:

The Farnborough Noise Group (FNG) is a local association that seeks to represent the interests and concerns of local residents regarding traffic and noise from Farnborough Airport. More information is available at:


Traffic Noise

Noise from motorbikes is a concern for residents who live close to routes used by bikers, including along the A32 and A272.

Damian has continued to work alongside the Police and Crime Commissioner, Hampshire Constabulary and Hampshire County Council to consider ways to reduce the impact that is effective and sustainable.

Damian has welcomed the announcement by Hampshire's Police and Crime Commissioner Donna Jones that average speed cameras will be installed along stretches of the A32 and A272, in order to address the long standing issue of excessive vehicle noise that impacts residents who live close by. Along with other roads policing tactics, it is hoped that this will reduce the blight on an area that is known and valued for its peace and tranquility.

Damian said in a statement: 

"Concerns about excessive vehicle noise on these rural routes and the impact this has on local residents, has been a growing issue. Often the result of speeding, excessive road noise not only blights the lives of local people, but threatens an area known and valued for its beauty and tranquillity.

“Along with neighbouring MP Flick Drummond and local councillors I have continued to engage with both Hampshire Police and the Hampshire Highways team. I want to thank them and Police and Crime Commissioner Donna Jones for securing the installation of average speed cameras on these routes.

“This is a significant investment, and I look forward to seeing the work completed.”

For more details on the PCC announcement, go to:…

For information on the local Communities Against Noise and Speed group (CANS), please go to:…

A local trial using acoustic cameras was completed in 2019 and the Department for Transport has now extended the trial to other areas across the UK:…




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Sustainable practices at Mill Farm Organic

Damian thanked Sam Morton for showing me around Mill Farm Organic, and Mary White of the Nature Friendly Farming Network for talking him through the impressive Pasture for Life programme.

Calling for a new approach to housing numbers

Damian took part in a Westminster Hall Debate on new developments in green belt land, and called for a new approach to housing numbers for East Hampshire, that recognises the unique circumstances with the National Park boundary cutting through the district.

A visit to Conford and Ludshott Commons

Damian visited both Conford and Ludshott Commons last week, and met with rangers from the National Trust to hear more about the conservation work underway.

1500 trees planted by Churcher's College

As part of the school's tercentenary celebrations, Damian joined pupils and staff last week in their brilliant scheme to plant 1500 trees at Penns Place in Petersfield.  

Tackling excessive vehicle noise on our roads

Damian welcomes the announcement by Hampshire's Police and Crime Commissioner Donna Jones that average speed cameras will be installed along stretches of the A32 and A272, in order to address the long standing issue of excessive vehicle noise that impacts residents who live close by.

Meeting with Police and Crime Commissioner

Damian - along with other Hampshire MPs - met with Hampshire's Police and Crime Commissioner Donna Jones and Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney to discuss crime issues and priorities, get an update on recruitment and hear how crime patterns changed through Covid, and cover specific issues around rura

Extra cost of housing in National Park 

New analysis by the Office for National Statistics has confirmed that house prices within National Parks (NPs) are higher that prices outside the parks.

Meeting with ICCAN on airspace design

Damian met with the Head of the Independent Commission on Aviation Noise (ICCAN) to discuss the work of the new body and how future plans for airspace modernisation and airport expansion may impact local communities.

Farnborough Airport must honour reassurances

Damian Hinds has said the owners of Farnborough Airport must be held to account for reassurances given to local residents on the impact of flightpaths that will be used once the new controlled airspace comes into force in 2020.