Youth unemployment down in latest figures

Damian welcomes the latest employment numbers that show the number of young people claiming unemployment benefits is down to 153,000 – the lowest level since the mid 1970’s – and female employment at a record high of 69.1% , with a million more women in work since 2010.

The number of people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance in East Hampshire - aged 18 to 24 - is now 65, out of a total of 385 claimants, which has fallen by more than 800 in the last six years.

Damian said:

“The employment numbers continue to break new records, with the rate of employment having reached 74.1%, and 31.42 million people now in work. Private sector employment is also at the highest level since records began, helping to power the growth in jobs.

“But in National Apprenticeship Week, I’m particularly pleased to see the fall in youth unemployment, enabling more young people to work towards a more secure future for themselves and their families.”