Support for Jeremy Hunt

Statement by Damian on support for Jeremy Hunt

“From helping to deliver the 2012 Olympics to securing the NHS long term plan, Jeremy Hunt has a proven track record in Government. In these divided times, he has the ability and the character to unite our country and to lead us as we face some of the most important challenges in our modern history.

“The complex task of leaving the European Union is of course the immediate imperative, but there is much more. We stand on the threshold of a new age and the UK must show bold leadership through new trade deals and partnerships, ensuring we are in the vanguard of the technological revolution and continuing to lead the world on global challenges like climate change.

“Jeremy has a vision for what a global Britain looks like, with a strong domestic record of commitment to public services and growing the economy that funds them. His leadership would set Britain up for the 21st century.

“Representing our neighbouring seat of South West Surrey, I also know the high reputation he commands locally alongside his passion for and commitment to local communities. I will be casting my vote for Jeremy Hunt.”