Damian Hinds welcomes protection for publicans

Damian Hinds has welcomed moves from the Government to protect local publicans by setting up an independent Adjudicator to address unfair practices in the pub industry.

This Adjudicator will enforce a new statutory code to protect publicans from abuses by pub companies on a number of issues including rents and the price of beer. The Code will ensure that ‘a tied licensee should not be worse off than a free-of-tie licensee’ by preventing the abuse of the beer tie – which means that publicans need to sell particular types of beer. The Government will now consult on these proposals.

Damian Hinds said:

“Pubs are a fundamental feature of British society, and East Hampshire has a proud pubs and brewing heritage. But far too many pubs are being forced to close across the country. Having formerly worked in the pub and brewing industry, I believe that abolishing the beer tie would not be a cure-all. When applied well the tie can act as a way of sharing risk and so can help people get into the business. But we do need a transparent system throughout the industry to enable both tied and non-tied publicans to compete effectively. The aim here is rightly to create an environment where sustainable businesses can prosper, rather than hampering the entire industry with excessive regulation.”