Google comes to Petersfield

Damian was delighted to welcome the Google Digital Garage bus to Petersfield today, offering free courses and one to one sessions with members of the public. This was a follow up to a session the Google team ran in Alton a year ago.



Seeing progress across Whitehill & Bordon

Damian was pleased to meet with James Child at the WBRC today, for an update on development plans across Whitehill & Bordon and to talk about the great progress that has been made and the projects that are still to come. 

Social Action Day in Bordon

Damian was pleased to kick off the Social Action Day organised by Community First, in conjunction with the Deadwater Valley Trust and the Signal business hub. The the group of volunteers spent three hours working together in the beautiful Bordon valley.

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Damian joins Eco Forum at Churcher's College

Damian was delighted to be invited to take part in an Eco Forum today at Churcher's College in Petersfield. The students, from across the secondary school year groups, came prepared with some very interesting and important questions on climate change.

Damian calls for savings capability for prisoners

Damian called for more meaningful employment experience for prisoners, and the facility to build up a savings account for release during a debate this week on financial Capability.



Wages rising ahead of prices

New figures out today show that wages have risen again, ahead of prices for 19 consecutive months, with average weekly earnings for employees increased by 3.8 per cent compared with a year earlier – growing by 2.0 per cent after adjusting for inflation. 

Damian welcomes school funding increases

Next year, the government will allocate at least £5,000 for each secondary school pupil and at least £3,750 per primary pupil (and £4,000 from 2021-22).  This brings the minimum funding allocated for a primary school class of 28 (the average primary class size in Hampshire) next year to £105,000

Westminster Hall Debate on Climate Change

Damian spoke in today's Westminster Hall Debate on climate change and Net Zero, and called for more  priority efforts on electric cars and power generation, a focus on battery technology, more tree planting, as in East Hampshire and to work together across parties.




Local engineering firm with innovative solutions

Damian visited Conquip Engineering today, and said:

"Thank you to Alton-based Conquip Engineering for the chance to learn more about this innovative business, supporting development and major infrastructure projects nationwide and around the world."

Visit to Rowledge Primary School

Damian was delighted to be invited back to Rowledge C of E Primary by Headteacher Sarah Oliver, and to have the opportunity to talk through the school’s well-being support.