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Damian supports Organ Donation Week

Damian is delighted to support Organ Donation Week and the work being done by the NHS and charities, such as Alton-based charity Kidney Care UK, to encourage people to talk about organ donation with their relatives and friends.

New £10 note features Jane Austen

Damian joined the Bank of England’s Chief Cashier, Victoria Cleland, in Parliament this week to see the new £10 note featuring local and world-renowned author Jane Austen.  

Rate of unemployment at record low

Damian has welcomed the latest figures published this week by the Office of National Statistics that shows the rate of unemployment is now at its lowest level since 1975 - at 4.5% - with full time employment also at a record high of 23.53 million.

Damian said:

Record employment rate driven by full time work

Damian has welcomed the latest ONS data that shows the rate of employment is now at a joint record high of 74.8%, with unemployment remaining at its lowest rate since 1975 at 4.6%.

Damian said:

Record employment numbers in March

Damian Hinds has welcomed news that the rate of employment remains at a joint-record high of 74.6%, with the unemployment rate remaining at 4.7%

Significantly, there is also a record number of vacancies, with a total number of 767,000 recorded across the UK.

Damian said:

Unemployment at lowest level in 12 years

Damian has welcomed the news that the rate of unemployment - at 4.7% - has fallen to its lowest level since 2005.

Also, the proportion of 16-24 year olds who have left full time education and are unemployed is 5.1%, which is a record low.

Damian said:

The Spring Budget

Damian welcomes announcements made in the Spring Budget that reinforces the Government’s commitment to make sure the UK economy remains strong ahead of preparations for leaving the EU.

Damian welcomes record high employment

Damian has welcomed the news that employment across the UK has reached its highest rate - 74.6% - since records began in 1971.

Commenting on the rise, Damian said:

Lowest unemployment in over 10 years

Damian has welcomed the news that unemployment across the UK remains at the lowest rate for over a decade – down nearly 900,000 since 2010 – according to the latest labour market figures.

Encouraging employment numbers to end year on

Damian has welcomed news that the labour market has finished a record breaking year with unemployment down by over 100,000 and the rate remaining at 4.8 per cent across the UK.