Latest column in the Petersfield Post

You never forget the moment you find out how you’ve done in major exams, whether it was opening a letter, reading results on a board at school or even receiving a phone call from a parent.

Confronting Dementia

Below is a copy of Damian's latest monthly column in the Petersfield Post, which focuses on the challenges of dementia.

The Simple Economic Truth

Damian reflects on the Treasury’s analysis of Brexit and makes the case that the UK is stronger, safer, and better off being in the EU, in an article published today in Demos Quarterly.

Celebrating our Queen and nation

All birthdays are reason to get together and celebrate.  They’re also a good opportunity to pause and reflect on a life lived so far and to look forward to what has yet to come.

Tourism in East Hampshire

With almost 4 million tourism day trips made to East Hampshire in 2014, generating a total spend in the region of £150 million, tourism is an increasingly important part of our local economy.

From welfare to work - and beyond

A strong safety net is the mark of a civilised society, and we must be able to offer support to those who need it. 

Damian's latest column in Petersfield Post

Damian's latest monthly column in the Petersfield Post highlights the critical contribution made by small businesses and retailers to local towns and villages.