TAG Farnborough Airspace Change Proposal

TAG Farnborough Airport is undertaking an Airspace Change Proposal with a view to introducing a new airspace design near the airport.

Between February and May 2014 the airport held a consultation on this proposal which I and others made a formal submission to. TAG, in response to the consultation, released Feedback Report A which provided a summary analysis of the responses – which were overwhelmingly against the expansion. TAG made some changes to the airspace design. These changes can be found in Feedback Report B. 

TAG's proposal is now being considered by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and we await the outcome of their review.

For more information on the Airspace Change Proposal please see TAG Farnborough’s microsite: http://www.consultation.tagfarnborough.com/. If you have concerns about how this may affect you please write to the CAA at the following address:

TAG Farnborough ACP
Group Director Safety and Airspace Regulatory Group
CAA House
45-59 Kingsway


TAG start new consultation on revised flightpath

Although the CAA has yet to make a final decision, TAG is now holding a further consultation on an amended part of their Airspace Change Proposal (ACP), which makes changes to a flightpath across the South Downs National Park, over Midhurst and Milland and up above Liphook.

Submission made to the Civil Aviation Authority

Damian has called on the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to require TAG – the operators of Farnborough Airport - to conduct a new and more transparent consultation before resubmitting their Airspace Change Proposal (ACP) to them for consideration.